its the bride of the week….

Its a bit like the “quiz of the week” definitely showing my age there and if anyone else remembers it… ‘coming to you from Norwich’ treat yourself to a trip down memory lane, ‘have you guessed what it is yet?.’ Oh look at me mixing it up with my TV related stuff  ‘this morning’…goodness I just can’t stop.

Anyways its a bit like the quiz of the week, but…. you guessed it, it’s ‘Bride of the week’ and ok there’s no actual prizes, not too different to the show after all eh?…but for one week only, previous ‘Timeless’ brides will have their names in lights and you wonderful people get to see just how gorgeous they were for their special day and in some cases, even what they have been up to since.

So making her staring appearance in week one………..

Well we knew her as Sarah Bowater…..Now she a ‘Smith’ and wow has she been busy…….

“Rachel and Astra made my wedding dress experience truly unique and made me feel so special. I felt completely at ease  with them and they listened to everything I wanted for my dress. Their advice was spot on and as a result they really brought my dream dress to life! My wedding day was amazing and I felt beautiful.”

Sarah wore the wonderful ‘Willow’ dress for her special day and with her delicate proportions the shorter dress style was a perfect choice. With the added drama of a lovely low back and sweeping train section. This ‘Timeless’ dress is contemporary with a vintage twist and the birdcage veil we designed to match finished the look of with a touch of old school style.

We are so lucky here at Timeless to be invited into the lives of so many gorgeous people, we get to share in the build up of what is a very special day. We were delighted that Sarah decided to let us create a dress specifically for her and we loved every moment of working with her to finish the look off exactly how she had imagined. From the initial meeting at  the ever so crazy National Wedding Show to the final delicate pieces of lace we added to complete the finished look, every step was a pleasure.

…and touching pictures like these just make the whole process complete….

“The amount of positive comments I got about my dress was phenomenal, people thought it was so different and totally ‘me.’

“I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the ladies at Timeless Couture for making my wedding day a day that I will remember forever.”

Well ‘Thank you Sarah’ for being part of our Timeless journey and we were thrilled to be part of yours…..and for those of you who would like to see just how busy Sarah (& Dave) have been…..

I would like to introduce you to…. Dexter….so adorable that I could just munch him…..

Happy Tuesday ladies




p.s once a Timeless bride, always a Timeless bride…..who will it be next?

p.p.s if  you like Sarah would like to share your Timeless experience, we would love to hear from you…..

….and if you want tell us about any exciting things that you have been up to since you said ‘I do’ even better…drop us an email or leave me a comment here and you may just become ‘The Bride of the week’


the new mill on the block

My ‘Timeless’ days are full of  differing projects and tasks, from sewing our delicious dresses (much fun) to weekly accounts (yawn) from fittings to designing, from wedding shows to styling my brides. I get to ‘have a go’ at so many things, most of which I love, and a collaborative photo shoot day has to be near the top of my hit parade (showing my age there) when it comes to how I love to spend my time.

Today I thought I  might give you a little insight into how these work. A sneaky, behind the scene’s peak, at the amount of time, effort and love that goes into these crazy, tiring, busy, but enjoyable days.

The most recent photo shoot Timeless was involve in, took place at the totally amazing and stunningly different West Mills based in one of my most favourite places in the world Darley Abbey.

Set on the edge of the lush Darley Abbey park and with an enviable view of the Derwent river. The venue may be new on the block as far as your choice of wedding venue is concerned, but the buildings themselves are an architectural landmark that have made up the sky line of the local area for at least 150 years. In fact the oldest parts, east mill, middle mill and west mill, date from 1789-92! The sympathetic approach to the renovation, creates a ‘wow’ factor that you will fall in love with. With a combination of modern statements, blended with the established rustic features the overall effect simply means that you have to view this place before you look much further for your perfect venue.

As with most collaborative shoots, we join together as a group of wedding suppliers and specialists to show off our wears, and to help promote our services and products. It takes a huge amount of planning in the making and a great deal of work on the day too, however I think you will agree it’s kind of worth it……

So come take a look through the window and spy on the workings of a collaborate photo shoot…..


…….Lots of Coffee needed on the hour every hour please!  The on-going building work created a fabulous amount of noise and dust….Oh, and it might just have been a little cold! but then again there  were some highlights…….


………You can’t rush these things we were there for about ten hours and its a good thing there were a few nibbles to keep us going…..please see picture below, not above re: nibbles……

………….We could have done with another pair of hands…….

………….It was a little wet underfoot, but with the most striking spaces and it’s historical, industrial feel this building means you can’t help but fall a little bit in…..

…………..some of us have had better hair days…..

………….but with a touch and a bush up perfection is just a round the corner…..

…..we all enjoyed a bit of …..

……….and the flowers were a true delight to the eye…….

……………….did I mention the food?………………..

…..well at the risk of getting carried away………….

I think you can tell we have a fabulous day. The talents of the suppliers involved and the venue itself are here for you all to see……and the details of who you can talk to regarding any of the products or the services are at the end of this blog post…..but finally….the dress, just in case you think I may have forgotten…..

….so if you like me, have fallen, just a little bit in………….

….with everything and everyone involved in this shoot, here’s the important numbers you will need……………


Styling by Darby & Joan Ltd

Photography by Richard Murgatroyd Photography

Wedding dress by Timeless Couture

 Flowers by Tineke Floral Designs

 Cakes by Yummy Little Cakes

 Hair & Makeup by Kate Boyd Bridal Hair & Makeup

 Stationary by Best Day Ever

 Balloons by Dottie & Love balloons

 Letter lights by Doris Loves

Models from Blakes Models

 Menswear by Reiss

and of course the venue….The West Mill

……Thanks for taking a look through the key hole into a day in the lives of us wedding suppliers……..

….enjoy the sunshine guys…..


















Why Timeless?

Ok… so you have bagged that special someone, their a keeper and you have a rock on that third finger of yours to prove it… congratulations!!…. but now the real work begins!

Organising a wedding should be fun and lets face it the choice we have now is so amazing that you can do what you want, when you want. Whether you are opting for a traditional British based bash or flying further a field for an exotic shin-dig, you couldn’t have more opportunities at your finger tips.

The same can be said about choosing ‘The Dress‘….. with pinterest, facebook, twitter feeds and the whole world on our door steps with that quick search on Google, the information about what shape, style, look and theme you can have is, at best a hot bed of ideas and at worst totally overwhelming. So with all this to consider, why on earth would you choose to have your special dress designed and produced by little old ‘Timeless?”


Well on this lovely spring day I would love to give you a little look into the world we occupy on a daily basis and hopefully show you how  having a dress designed for you actually works and with the risk of giving you yet more to choose from (sorry ladies!) I want to make sure that this choice is top of the shop when you start the exciting stage of finding that all too important ‘wedding dress‘.

What brides sometimes think about having a dress made for them…..

There seems to be a few misconceptions about having your dress designed for you, so lets start there shall we?

Ok, so we all have an Aunt, Granny, mum or friend that is amazing with a sewing machine and we love them all! If you can take up the offer of their help we applaud you….but here at Timeless its not just all about the sewing….ok so we know our way round a needle and thread but we are not simply seamstresses. This does not mean that we under value that skill by the way, its a lost trade and we are always on the look out for ladies or gents that have a passion and a talent when it comes to garment construction.

However, Timeless is first and foremost a ‘design house’ (ooo very lar-de-dar!) It does make us sound quite posh doesn’t it, but its an important bit of info for all you brides considering the route of having your dress made. We not only specialize in the construction element of putting your dress together but have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design field too. With degree level design qualifications and a  combined 20 years experience in the specific area of bespoke dress design we are pretty good at this side too.

This means that each and every dress we produce is designed, pattern cut, fitted and sewn here at our studio, specifically for you. We don’t mass manufacture and we don’t out source any of the elements that go into your dress either. Basically because of this we don’t just sew the seams of your dress together but loving create the whole beautiful garment from scratch.

So my first bit of advice to you, if you are considering having your dress made, is to look for a company, like ‘Timeless’ that can not only sew, but can offer you a design service too, it will mean that every little part of your dress is designed with you in mind and every stage in the process will be, not only beautifully finished to the highest of standards, but designed with a fashion forward approach

How does it actually work?……..

It all begins with you!

Without our lovely brides we would be terribly lonely/or lying on a beach somewhere drinking cocktails, anyway back to the blog…Yes it all begins with you ladies, whether we meet you at a show, you find our web-site via a search, or a current/past Timeless bride recommends us (thank you guys!) The whole process begins with us listening to you. We love to see pictures, ideas, mood boards and sketches of the sort of dress you have in mind, but we are also  here for the panicky blank face of the bride who has no idea where to start. So whether you have tried on hundreds of dresses, or are a first timer, the starting point is a lovely relaxed appointment at our studio/boutique, where we will chat about your wants/needs and wishes to our hearts content.  During this appointment, which can last a good few hours (expect lots of cups of tea) We get to know your style and personal taste and often know which dresses you will love even before you do. We will encourage you to try on a few bits and pieces We have lots of dresses for you try on! and we aim to help you see just how amazing you can look and feel in the right shape as this is where we like to begin….   

Step  one: Finding the right shape for you…

Brides quite often get drawn to a dress because of a detail… ‘the low back’ , ‘the sleeves’, ‘the 50ft train’, you get the picture, however one of the most important parts of choosing your dress is finding a shape that not only looks sensational, makes you feel stunning but also fits the sort of day you are planning. i.e note to self….If you imagine floating round a wild flower meadow its worth steering clear of a body-con number (although in my case its worth steering clear of a body-con number at all times, even in a very dark room!) So this is where we like to start, we will often get you to slip into some very interesting looking calico toiles; very plain looking pretend dresses. Allowing you to see just the shape, which means that rather than being thrown by a huge flower on your right thigh or lace that you are sure you last saw in your nan’s kitchen window, you can just concentrate on and find the shape that best works for you. WARNING…. Lots of girls need tissues at this stage as they see their bodies looking amazing for the first time in years. Wearing the right shape dress above all is the key to feeling knock- out! and once we establish this with you we move on to…..

Step two: We all love a bit of lace…..

Well although here at Timeless we may be ever so slightly obsessed with lace, it may come a shock to you brides out there but not everyone is quite so taken by it!!! So during the next stage we start to find out exactly what you are into (fabric wise!) We will show you lots of examples/samples of dresses made in different base fabrics and start to examine your type of finishing whether ‘bling’ or ‘bohemian’ and we may drape or wrap you up in some weird and wonderful combinations too, but trust us we know what were doing and it will help you see your ideas come to life. This design process continues throughout the appointments with us as often ideas develop, we find new fabrics or you may want to add something extra. All of this is fine, we are relaxed and approachable ladies so just ask if you want to see something else or make any changes…the answer is usually ‘YES’

Step Three/four/five/six etc: You are now a Timeless bride…

After experiencing the initial stages, being wowed by the fact that you can have exactly what you want and being so excited about the wonderful experience that lies ahead…you are basically a ‘Timeless’ bride. You will have us there (well at least one of us) at every appointment. To ensure your dress not only looks how you want it too but fits you exactly how it should. We will talk to you about underwear, shoes and accessories along the way. This is not only because we have fabulous things you can choose from here, but more importantly because we want your total look to be balanced and cohesive, something that comes easy to us after our years of styling brides every day. We will treat your dress as if it is a small child (we call them all names after all) and the love and attention to detail we lavish on each of them is never ending.

Will I need to re-mortgage the house?…..

Ok, so all of this sounds too gorgeous, like it might just cost a pretty penny too. Well we are certainly not the cheapest option around, China undoubtedly holds this card. But we always aim to be as commercially viable as possible. We are committed to working within as many financial budgets as possible and if you are worried about any of this is always worth asking first before ruling it out all together. We have no real set prices as each dress we embark on is a different little story, but roughly speaking our dresses run from around the £2000 price range. Many of our brides in the past have spent less than this and many have spent more. It is a purely personal choice and that’s how we approach it too. Second bit of advice  coming here ladies….

We always quote our brides with a very clear idea of what we imagine the dress will cost and unless things change dramatically as we move through the process, then this remains the same. We NEVER add hidden costs and shock you with a final bill. We will be open and up front if any design decisions alter the end cost and will steer clear of giving you expensive choices if we know your budget does not allow for these. We are not here to spend your money for you….we are here to create stunning dresses. So my second bit of advice for you today, would be, if you are choosing to have your dress designed for you, make sure the quote you are given is the end price. With no hidden extra’s for alterations, VAT or your coffee served at each appointment (I have heard of some strange things in my dtime). Unless of course you have won the lottery or have a pot of gold at the end of the garden…if so then go crazy you lucky lass.

What sort of brides choose ‘Timeless’.At this point I think a few bullet points might be in order as I am in fear of writing a novel instead of a blog.


So here are a few types of things we have come across over the years, along with a few special requests and requirements that we have managed to help brides achieve. See if you fit into any of these headings

  • “I have tried on so many dresses and just can’t find the one”
  • “No sample dress fits me enough to see how it will actually look”
  • “I don’t want a traditional wedding dress”
  • “I want something that is not on the high street, something that is mine and not worn by anyone else.”
  • “I’m not a perfect size 8! …i’m not sure I even want to try dresses on until I loose 2/3/4/stones….this one deserves a few words all of its own. So, your not that model you see in all the magazines, neither are we, so we get it. The insecurities you may feel about stripping off and squeezing into something in front of a perfect stranger. let me reassure you, every lady that comes our ways feels exactly the same. We are not into making you feel small ( see what I did there) or making you feel uncomfortable. We are here to make you feel amazing in what ever curves, proportions, lumps and bumps you have been blessed with. If you loose weight then fabulous, if you don’t then that’s just fine and dandy too. Don’t feel that you have to leave anything until you have reached the unreachable goal. We have worked with women from 4 foot 11″ to 6 foot 2”, from a size 2 (yes they do exist) to a size 30 and have created dresses that they have adored. So ‘weight’ no more (again with the puns).
  • “It’s not my first time, so I need to look my age instead of wearing a big white number.”
  • “I have religious constraints to what I can wear.”
  • “I have strong look and I want to carry this through to the dress.”
  • “I have never worn a dress in my life…help!”…..well bring on the prison officers, the army girls and the tom boys we have served you all and you turn out to be the most glamorous, sparkly brides around.
  • “I have an injury that means I can’t wear a sleeveless/backless/strapless dress. We have created some of our most beautiful dresses when working with ladies that have something they feel they need to cover up. Quite often the challenge of adding detail to disguise the worry area makes the dress even more unique.
  • We are a same sex couple and need to compliment each other and not clash (I will be writing a full blog piece about this soon.)

It’s quite clear that I could easily write a whole lot more about the reasons why you should give Timeless a try when your looking for that perfect dress. I will be covering lots of the areas touched upon in this blog as time goes by. But the best way of seeing exactly what we are all about is popping by and seeing for yourself. We work on an appointment basis only, So always call or email to check we are available. We only work with a few ladies a year, as our type of work takes a long time and we want to make each of you feel like you have had the best possible service, so if you would like to try us out book soon.

On a final not for the day I think I can safely say ‘Why Timeless?……‘WHY NOT TIMELESS’

Love to you all.




and the rest is history……

Morning lovlies…..felt like it was about time we had a bit of a catch up! One of my new years resolutions was to blog more….well its only 24th March and here I am, not bad eh? It such a busy life that we all lead; including the girls at Timeless that even though I know how important it is for us keep in touch with our amazing customers, we always have so much to do that this takes a very poor back seat. Well as you all know I love to chat so I will be quiet no more….eeek now there’s a threat!

I have been thinking about the subjects that you may just be interested in and there will obviously be lots of gorgeous brides and inspiring wedding for you to peruse with a cuppa as the months fly by, I make promises to all of my brides to blog about them and to share their stories that I am sure many of them are waiting to be a star for the day and I am just not keeping up my end of the bargain…so watch out past Timeless ladies I am on the case.

To begin with though I thought I would, (in the words of Julie Andrews) “Start at the very beginning,” no doubt you will agree  “a very good place to start” and let you all in on the tale of how Timeless began its exciting journey. Very fittingly I have been asked by quite a few people recently how we started the business, how we met and what we have done before, so it seems only fair that I spill the beans and share with you all our little Timeless story.

Astra and I would appear on paper to be the strangest of partnerships, one into hard core house music, one more inclined to a bit of ‘Babs’ (its always an interesting run to the radio first thing in the morning.) One very definitely down with the kids and one who if she ever did get down would have a huge difficulty getting back up! One very ‘firmly’ in her 20’s and one more ‘wobbly’ in her 40’s……So it is little wonder that we are often asked how we met and also sometimes asked if we are mother and daughter (how very dare they!)

But meet we did, and it was only a very short time until we realized that, although we don’t share the same taste in food, music, books, clothes or indeed most things; our passion for creativity, our love for designing  and our desire to run our own businesses were our binding connection. I fully believe in life that you meet the right people at the right time and all things happen for a reason and the meeting of minds when we started getting to know each other only goes further to illustrates how this can be true.

We met each other whilst working in a local bridal shop, I had returned to the wedding industry after taking a brief spell (about 10 weeks) on maternity leave. I was never going to be suited to being a stay at home mum and had run a different business for ten years prior so I found myself needing to ‘get my hand back in’ . I only worked a day or so a week but it was great to feel part of the industry again and when Astra knocked on the door looking for a Saturday job, whilst she finished her degree. The partnership was a development waiting to happen.

As I have mentioned we love to chat and after hours of talking, a visit to a trade show which illustrated a glaring niche in the market and a very eventful trip to Paris (which deserves a blog post all to itself)  ‘Timeless’ was born. From the starting point of July 2011, we had quickly realized that there was a huge lack of short wedding dresses out there….Ok; if you were super quirky you wanted opt for a ‘grease inspired’ prom type number, you were fine, but if you wanted to capture a complete bridal look and attempt a vintage but classic feel you would be at a loss. So our first collection saw the likes of Lily, Betty and Willow take to the catwalk and our reputation for British made, high quality dresses combined with our very high standard of service started to attract some amazing customers from all parts of the country.

We had taken off even quicker than we could ever have imagined, we needed to look at getting our dresses out to a wider audience, look at our marketing and especially start to look at moving premises. Our first year or so was spent designing, producing and serving our numerous customers (in the region of 50-60 ladies)  from Astra’s house and although it proved to be a fabulous place to start the business from we were very quickly outgrowing the space. So next came a few very long months of balancing serving our Brides, attending National Wedding Shows, continuing to design and create new styles….along came the likes of Pollie, Chloe, Amelia & Gabriella to name but a few and to look for our next exciting space to work from.

A trip to a different lunch shop and a chance meeting with the previous occupier and our wishes were fulfilled. Trying to find a space that would both suit our manufacturing needs and our want for a boutique area was proving very difficult, but weirdly the perfect space was on the very next street… about right under your nose! With its upstairs work space and a gorgeous area to serve customers we were sold on the space immediately. Ok it needed a bit of tender loving care and a few of our Timeless touches but Christmas 2012 saw us move our whole world into The Blacksmith shop, having our first lovely appointment in the first week of January. This year would see us help over 100 ladies look sensational and we would also really get our teeth into the development of our long dress collection. We would attract customers from as far away as Edinburgh and Cornwall and even serve a gorgeous bride from New Zealand!


Wow things were moving fast! From July 2011 – July 2013 our feet had not touched the ground and yet we had only just begun. The following 6 months saw us test the water in the wholesale market where we started supplying dresses to Bridal shops across the country and attend yet further National Wedding Shows along with taking part in some fabulous photo shoots and appearing in numerous Wedding magazines. Continue our sales through Not on The High Street, proudly supply the full collection of Rachel Simpson shoes (we also designed her wedding dress don’t you know!) Develop two new businesses one “Edith and Grey” specifically for accessories both Bridal and Fashion, and one “Haarlem”  dedicated to our Wholesale customers

Now as we head into the Spring 2015 we are on the  move again….never ones to sit still for long we are packing up our belongings and heading,  just along the road this time to a simply stunning mill space which will gives us more room to achieve the world domination we desire!

So ladies I know I have gone on and on today, but this is just a brief (yes brief) summery of where Timeless all began and how we have developed to date. There will be lots more to chat about no doubt and loads more news to share with you all, but in the meantime enjoy the rest of your day and most of all……have fun!


Love Rach





Merry Christmas from Timeless with love xxx

What a perfect way is to celebrate Christmas in pure luxury and style…..To tie the knot in the most gorgeous venue with all your nearest and dearest with you, plenty of love, warmth and Champagne flowing and the man of your dreams on your arm. Our stunning Bride Jennifer stole the show in our Vivienne dress worn with a simply stunning lace top and full length veil. From the added glamour of her fur jacket to the delicate finishing touches worn in her hair, Jen’s total look is just breath taking

Helen - I’m Jen’s cousin so maybe I’m biased, but I also know that she never does anything by halves. Despite this the dress totally blew me away, more gorgeous than I could have imagined!