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Morning lovlies…..felt like it was about time we had a bit of a catch up! One of my new years resolutions was to blog more….well its only 24th March and here I am, not bad eh? It such a busy life that we all lead; including the girls at Timeless that even though I know how important it is for us keep in touch with our amazing customers, we always have so much to do that this takes a very poor back seat. Well as you all know I love to chat so I will be quiet no more….eeek now there’s a threat!

I have been thinking about the subjects that you may just be interested in and there will obviously be lots of gorgeous brides and inspiring wedding for you to peruse with a cuppa as the months fly by, I make promises to all of my brides to blog about them and to share their stories that I am sure many of them are waiting to be a star for the day and I am just not keeping up my end of the bargain…so watch out past Timeless ladies I am on the case.

To begin with though I thought I would, (in the words of Julie Andrews) “Start at the very beginning,” no doubt you will agree  ”a very good place to start” and let you all in on the tale of how Timeless began its exciting journey. Very fittingly I have been asked by quite a few people recently how we started the business, how we met and what we have done before, so it seems only fair that I spill the beans and share with you all our little Timeless story.

Astra and I would appear on paper to be the strangest of partnerships, one into hard core house music, one more inclined to a bit of ‘Babs’ (its always an interesting run to the radio first thing in the morning.) One very definitely down with the kids and one who if she ever did get down would have a huge difficulty getting back up! One very ‘firmly’ in her 20′s and one more ‘wobbly’ in her 40′s……So it is little wonder that we are often asked how we met and also sometimes asked if we are mother and daughter (how very dare they!)

But meet we did, and it was only a very short time until we realized that, although we don’t share the same taste in food, music, books, clothes or indeed most things; our passion for creativity, our love for designing  and our desire to run our own businesses were our binding connection. I fully believe in life that you meet the right people at the right time and all things happen for a reason and the meeting of minds when we started getting to know each other only goes further to illustrates how this can be true.

We met each other whilst working in a local bridal shop, I had returned to the wedding industry after taking a brief spell (about 10 weeks) on maternity leave. I was never going to be suited to being a stay at home mum and had run a different business for ten years prior so I found myself needing to ‘get my hand back in’ . I only worked a day or so a week but it was great to feel part of the industry again and when Astra knocked on the door looking for a Saturday job, whilst she finished her degree. The partnership was a development waiting to happen.

As I have mentioned we love to chat and after hours of talking, a visit to a trade show which illustrated a glaring niche in the market and a very eventful trip to Paris (which deserves a blog post all to itself)  ’Timeless’ was born. From the starting point of July 2011, we had quickly realized that there was a huge lack of short wedding dresses out there….Ok; if you were super quirky you wanted opt for a ‘grease inspired’ prom type number, you were fine, but if you wanted to capture a complete bridal look and attempt a vintage but classic feel you would be at a loss. So our first collection saw the likes of Lily, Betty and Willow take to the catwalk and our reputation for British made, high quality dresses combined with our very high standard of service started to attract some amazing customers from all parts of the country.

We had taken off even quicker than we could ever have imagined, we needed to look at getting our dresses out to a wider audience, look at our marketing and especially start to look at moving premises. Our first year or so was spent designing, producing and serving our numerous customers (in the region of 50-60 ladies)  from Astra’s house and although it proved to be a fabulous place to start the business from we were very quickly outgrowing the space. So next came a few very long months of balancing serving our Brides, attending National Wedding Shows, continuing to design and create new styles….along came the likes of Pollie, Chloe, Amelia & Gabriella to name but a few and to look for our next exciting space to work from.

A trip to a different lunch shop and a chance meeting with the previous occupier and our wishes were fulfilled. Trying to find a space that would both suit our manufacturing needs and our want for a boutique area was proving very difficult, but weirdly the perfect space was on the very next street… about right under your nose! With its upstairs work space and a gorgeous area to serve customers we were sold on the space immediately. Ok it needed a bit of tender loving care and a few of our Timeless touches but Christmas 2012 saw us move our whole world into The Blacksmith shop, having our first lovely appointment in the first week of January. This year would see us help over 100 ladies look sensational and we would also really get our teeth into the development of our long dress collection. We would attract customers from as far away as Edinburgh and Cornwall and even serve a gorgeous bride from New Zealand!


Wow things were moving fast! From July 2011 – July 2013 our feet had not touched the ground and yet we had only just begun. The following 6 months saw us test the water in the wholesale market where we started supplying dresses to Bridal shops across the country and attend yet further National Wedding Shows along with taking part in some fabulous photo shoots and appearing in numerous Wedding magazines. Continue our sales through Not on The High Street, proudly supply the full collection of Rachel Simpson shoes (we also designed her wedding dress don’t you know!) Develop two new businesses one “Edith and Grey” specifically for accessories both Bridal and Fashion, and one “Haarlem”  dedicated to our Wholesale customers

Now as we head into the Spring 2015 we are on the  move again….never ones to sit still for long we are packing up our belongings and heading,  just along the road this time to a simply stunning mill space which will gives us more room to achieve the world domination we desire!

So ladies I know I have gone on and on today, but this is just a brief (yes brief) summery of where Timeless all began and how we have developed to date. There will be lots more to chat about no doubt and loads more news to share with you all, but in the meantime enjoy the rest of your day and most of all……have fun!


Love Rach





Merry Christmas from Timeless with love xxx

What a perfect way is to celebrate Christmas in pure luxury and style…..To tie the knot in the most gorgeous venue with all your nearest and dearest with you, plenty of love, warmth and Champagne flowing and the man of your dreams on your arm. Our stunning Bride Jennifer stole the show in our Vivienne dress worn with a simply stunning lace top and full length veil. From the added glamour of her fur jacket to the delicate finishing touches worn in her hair, Jen’s total look is just breath taking

Helen - I’m Jen’s cousin so maybe I’m biased, but I also know that she never does anything by halves. Despite this the dress totally blew me away, more gorgeous than I could have imagined!

A real treat for you all today with the gorgeous spring wedding of Emma & Stuart. We are always thrilled to be featured on the ‘Love My Dress’ site and this is no exception. Featuring ‘Chloe’ our delicious, lace, dipped hem gown. With a stunning backless feature and hand created lace straps. These images capture the fun and relaxed feel that Emma had wished for and the choice of fluffy fun bridesmaids skirts teamed with a touch of glamour finish the look off perfectly. Enjoy a few moments of pure joy and obvious affection that this blog captures.

Miami memories

Another lovely blog today, this time from Rock My Wedding

Lorna became a Timeless bride a few years ago now but just like bridal elephants…we never forget!

So here’s a little blast from the past to inspire any of you that are thinking of a wedding outside sunny old ‘Blighty’

…hope this brightens your day


Love my dress blog…oooo how exciting!

We are such lucky ladies here at Timeless…

We get to work with such lovey Brides, we get to design and produce some simply stunning dress and to say we love our jobs is such an understatement.

So when Love my Dress featured a few of our weddings a couple of months ago it really thrilled us to see four of our brides in the lime light.

This feature shows four very different dresses, four very different ladies and four very different weddings. But with one very important thing in common….we love them all!

Welcome to a little insight into the wonderful world of Timeless and the fabulous things we get to do.