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First Appointment

The first thing we do it get to know our bride and all about the wedding over either a cup of tea or somehing fizzy. Its Important to get to know all aspects of the wedding as this can affect a dress designs, we often design the dress around whats happening in the wedding, from beachs to farms or even a special dance!

We always start with key dress shapes Long and full, Fishtail, Short, Mermaid, Bias cut, both that flatter the brides body shape and practical to wear on the day. Then we move onto what the brides personal tastes are wether it be lace or sparkle or something  simple. Most fabrics and design details can be transfered onto any dress shape, so you may try one dress on for the top and another on for the bottom then begin to create your unique gown. We have a large collection of finished dresses for you to try on, many brides fall in love with a collection dress and tweak the design, others have a clear image of their dress in their mind and have a fully bespoke dress from sketch.

By then end of the first appointment you will be buzzing wih ideas, but have a good idea on the right body shape for you .

Toile Appointment

A “Toile” is a mock dress we use to finalise the design before we produce the final dress. It is a basic body shape made from a cotton fabric, where we look at seam lines, necklines, and is used to get the correct shape and fitting before we produce your dress in beautiful fabrics.

It is at this appointment we finalise fabrics and design details.

 After the toile fittings, patterns are then ammended  ready for the dress to be cut out in your chosen fabric. Each layer of fabric is handcut from the bespoke pattern, then pinned together before production. Our team of highly skilled seamstresses then produce the dress individually for each bride. Sometimes dresses are produced with no detail so the bride can decide at the first dress fitting.

1st Dress Fitting

This is the most exciting appointment for any bride, seeing the dress come to life after the initial design and toile process. Some brides the dress is completely finished, others we have made the base dress ready to look at design details at the 1st appointment. This is often the first time the bride  has tried on her dress in the right size and fabrics etc, and at this stage the design can still be tweaked. We add straps, belts tops etc as a bride is not always able to make these decisions before she can she herself in the dress. Be warned mothers this is the appointment that will make you cry!

Accessories Appointment

We give a seperate appointment to dedicate  to accessories, by this appointment we have finished the dress and design details so we use this appointment to find the right accessories to compliemt the dress perfectly. We design and make our own veils, accessories to match your dress so there is no detail left untouched. We are stockists of the rachel simpson shoes that compliment our dresses pefectly too!

 Final Fitting

This normally happens between 4-8 weeks before the wedding, depending on weight loss. This is the appointment where we alter the dress if needed, to your size. We enourage brides to love their bodies as they are however most brides drop a few pounds on the run up to the big day, due to the stress and excitement of the big day!

Collection Appointment

This is the the bittersweet part for us. Although we love to see every bride beam ear to ear with the sight of their gorgeous wedding dress, we know that this is where we say goodbye. We think of our brides as family…as friends, so when it comes to the collection of your wedding dress, we know this is the last time we will see our brides before seeing the beautiful photography from the day. But we love what we do and with that we sew a little bit of love into every dress.